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Pushing the boundaries of her craft

Lynda Williams, Jacksonville, is a new member of the Arkansas Craft Guild, in jewelry, specifically enameled jewelry. She has a studio in Beebe, where upon her retirement she has returned to her earlier art. Lynda Williams Jewelry is her business and new website.

"My journey as an artist began when I first discovered the art of enameling as a young adult. It was through the generous donation of equipment by Jeanette Rockefeller to the Arkansas Arts Center that I was introduced to this captivating craft. Under the guidance of Ellen Kaufman in her private studio, I further honed my skills in enameling. Unfortunately, life took its course, and I had to set aside my equipment for many years. However, upon my retirement, I knew that enameling would be the first thing I returned to."

"To develop my artistic skills, I sought out various resources and educational opportunities." Beginning with her BA in Art from UALR, she took weaving and pottery at Harding University, Searcy. "In 2017, I obtained a degree in jewelry design from Bishop State, Mobile, Alabama. This program provided me with a solid foundation and expanded my knowledge in the field. It was during this time that I attended my first enameling conference at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN. Being among fellow enamelists, witnessing their incredible work, and hearing about their experiences served as a tremendous source of inspiration and motivation for me to continue pursuing my craft." She started at Arrowmont taking Mold Making with Donald Frith in 1987 and Casting Metal with J. Werger in 1992.

Other learning opportunities include the LOVELAND ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Colorado, multiple classes: Mold Making with Chapel in 1999; Sculpting Children with Rosalind Cook in 1999; Relief Sculpture with Eugene Daub in 2000; Life Casting with Dave Parvin in 2003. In Arizona at the SCOTTSDALE ARTISTS’ SCHOOL, she took Sculpture with Tuck Langland in 2004. Then at Young Harris, GA at the WILLIAM HOLLAND SCHOOL OF LAPIDARY ARTS, she took Metal Smithing with Jim Richardson, Enameling with Christiana Tagliapietra, Silver with Nancy English, and Cold Connections with Kim St. Jean. In 2021 via zoom, she took Enameling with Kathryn Osgood, and in 2022 at ESSA, (Eureka Springs School of Arts) she took Kathryn Osgood's Enameling formed copper class. In 2023, via zoom, she took Overglaze Enamel Painting with Mi-Sook Hur.

"Over the years, my craft has evolved significantly. I have incorporated various techniques and strategies that have immensely enhanced the quality of my work. The influence of chasing and repoussé is evident in my pieces, adding depth and dimension. Additionally, I have embraced the teachings of Katheryn Osgood, who taught me to work with individually made plastic shapes to create unique forms. The introduction of gemstones and cabochons came as a result of my jewelry design classes, enriching my designs with added elegance and vibrancy. Furthermore, my love for vintage aesthetics led me to incorporate silver-plate patterns into my work, lending it a touch of nostalgia and heritage."    

Lynda's jewelry is available to purchase in the Arkansas Craft Gallery at 104 E. Main, Mountain View. Visit the Facebook page for the Gallery. See Lynda's page here on our website for more jewelry and her artist statement.



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