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Williams, Lynda


Lynda Williams Jewelry


Gallery Artisan

Williams, Lynda

Through my jewelry, I seek to capture the beauty and organic shapes found in nature,
particularly in the delicate forms of flower petals and the vibrant colors of fall leaves.

Utilizing vitreous enamel on copper, along with gemstones, sterling silver, and silver-
plate, I create pieces that reflect the natural world around us.

My technique involves using sgraffito, a unique artistic skill that once it is fired in the kiln
reveals the multiple layers of enamel. I also attach multiple custom finishes on the
pieces. Through these methods, I am able to create my own unique forms and shapes
in the copper, resulting in truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

My work is a celebration of the beauty and intricacy found in nature, and I hope that through my jewelry I am able to share that beauty with others.

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