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Painting Full Time in Retirement

Ron Chandler is a new member of the Arkansas Craft Guild in Oil Painting. He works on location, plein air, plus he uses reference photos brought back to the studio. Ron’s love of art reaches back to grammar school, so he took art classes in high school. He's taken workshops in Plein Air Oil Painting, and felt lucky to be mentored by other artists in his home town of Carthage, MO, Andy Thomas and Bob Tommy. He is currently enrolled in the Tucson Art Academy.

In 2021, Ron Chandler and his wife Nancy relocated to Mountain View Arkansas. "Now in retirement, I’m able to direct my attention towards painting as a full time endeavor." (Painting above is Gunner Pool in the National Forest north of town.)

Ron says, "When looking for a motif or subject matter, I try to identify something of interest in Nature by looking for a focal point, and 4 to 6 masses of value that  will ‘lead you in.’ I generally use the ‘rule of thirds’ when building the composition, while keeping in mind linear and atmospheric perspective." (painting above titled Colorado)

"When painting in plein air, I stay with a smaller format, 8 x10 or 5 x 7. This allows for faster coverage of the canvas when chasing the moving light." (below, Sylamore Creek)

His earlier work history included 30 + years working for a major furniture component manufacturing company. Ron filled the roll as a Drafter, Product Designer, and Quality Systems Specialist while pursuing painting on a part time basis. Now living in Mountain View, he says, "This is a place we both love, for the natural beauty, great music, and great people.”

Paintings may be purchased in the Arkansas Craft Guild & Gallery, 104 E. Main, Mountain View.


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