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Nature inspires Terri Parson's art

Terri Parson, Heber Springs, has added another craft category to her jewelry, called "Mixed Media." She combines her hand-printed papers that provide a perfect display context for her sculpted artifacts. Similar to framed collages, these assemblages tell a story and stir the heart.

"Inspiration happens while I'm exploring the natural world. From panoramic vistas to microscopic flora, I find exciting design lines, shapes, textures, and colors. Unusual pods, leaves, and dried botanical specimens share my studio space. Ideas are always incubating as sketches and notes in my design journals," says Terri.

"In time, all these things come together as I create mixed media art collections that communicate stories of time, place and discovery."

A monotype print is what she creates, and it cannot be duplicated exactly. Each imprint is one-of-a-kind. The process begins with a smooth plate and paint application with a brayer. She applies a variety of art mediums like acrylic paint, inks, dyes, watercolors and pastels. After the art medium is applied to the plate, she manipulates the surface of the plate with paint brushes, textures, and hand-cut masks of her own design before the paint dries. The printing paper is 100 cotton cold press and Japanese Rice and Unryu papers. She uses her hand to press, smooth and rub the back of the paper. When the imprint (paper) is "pulled" off the plate, the art medium is pulled with it. This creates a one-of-kind impression. This process can be done multiple times using different hues and design elements to create a print with very complex patterns and textures.

Visit Terri's artist roster page for more photos of her mixed media work. It's now in the Arkansas Craft Guild & Gallery at 104 E. Main, Mountain View. She continues to have jewelry collections for sale there. Her Facebook page, OCI Design, as well as the Gallery's facebook page is a good way to preview her work.


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