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Parson, Terri

Jewelry and Mixed Media

OCi Designs

Cleburne County

Gallery Artisan

Parson, Terri

People often ask me where I get inspiration for my art. Quite simply, it happens while I'm exploring the natural world. I have always had an innate curiosity about life, about the hidden treasures only revealed by slowing down and studying nature. From panoramic vistas to microscopic flora, I find exciting design lines, shapes, textures, and colors. I often carry a camera with me to record my discoveries. Unusual pods, leaves, and dried botanical specimens share my studio space. Ideas are always incubating as sketches and notes in my design journals. In time, all these things come together as I create mixed media art collections that communicate stories of time, place and discovery.

If anything good can be said of the pandemic, it offered me time to step back and explore new directions in my art. While I have always had a passion for sculpting one-of-a-king fashion accessories, a new-found love of monotype printing provided me with an opportunity to meld art to wear with art for the wall. I began creating shadow box "environments" with my hand-printed papers that provide both the perfect display and meaningful context for my sculpted artifacts. My exploration into the possibilities of monotype prints continues to evolve with each of my new, mixed media art collections. I continue to pursue new ways of enhancing my visual storytelling by pushing the boundaries of materials, technique and symbolism. My hope is that my work stimulates a sense of curiosity and intrigue for the viewer.

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