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Parson, Terri


OCi Designs

Cleburne County

Gallery Artisan

Parson, Terri

I sculpt all the components in my wearable art from a very strong and durable polymer art medium. This
medium starts out as pliable clay that comes in a variety of colors which I mix like paint to achieve
limitless hues. I employ a variety of techniques that I have developed and honed over 20 years
including using my own handmade texture plates from organic material I collect. The special
characteristics of the art clay and the surface techniques that I employ allows me to imitate the look of
stone, metal, wood, fabric, glass, bone and other organic materials. Depending on the sculpting
technique I use, this can create incredible visual depth – much like holographic images. Once I’ve
created the individual components for my pieces, they are heat-cured to a hard and durable state which
I can sand and polish depending on my design goals. The last phase of design involves engineering the
actual construction. Since each piece is one-of-kind, it is often a slow process of problem-solving
connections, selecting complementary cording, forging custom metal findings and constantly assessing
balance and wear-ability. Each piece within my collections has it’s own story – from nature’s inspiration
to art created to wear. Each piece is sent into the world with love and the hope that it promotes
meaningful connections and conversation.
Terri Parson lives in Heber Springs, Arkansas with her “maker” husband (Crystal Forest Instruments)
and their energetic miniature Schnauzer. She has exhibited and sold her work in galleries, at art shows
in Arkansas and Nebraska, private shows and exhibits, in retail boutiques and online. She has been a
juried member of the Arkansas Craft Guild since 2009.

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