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Good Clay in Gaelic

Virgeen Healey and Ray Schott, from Maumelle, Cré Maith, (Gaelic meaning Good Clay) are new members of the Arkansas Craft Guild, and were juried during the 45th Annual Christmas Showcase in Little Rock Dec. 1-3, 2023. They’ve been participating in Showcase since 2019.

Their pottery is sculpted organically to reflect scenes you might see in nature. Applied textures and sprigs, as well as unique glazing techniques help to define the floral aspect of their finished ceramic pieces. Created in a variety of shapes and sizes, Cré Maith's work is both functional and food safe. Pieces may be used as planters, baking dishes, fruit/bread bowls, trinket dishes, keepsake boxes, vases or as a uniquely beautiful piece of art in your collection. Their work will soon be available for purchase at the Arkansas Craft Gallery.

“Taking pleasure in the 'Ordinary Miracles' of life, we create organic hand-built works celebrating the beauty of our earth. Cré Maith attempts to express the 'Pockets of Joy' that going to the beach, catching fireflies, and running barefoot through meadows or shorelines bring into our lives. The clay medium allows us to get our hands dirty again with abandon. Our current body of work is organic in nature and we design with a focus on texture and layered colors. We endeavor to recreate what is seen and unseen in nature which is the origin of our design.” 

"Initally I started taking ceramics classes at the Windgate Art School/Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts in 2016, and then upon retirement, my husband, Ray Schott decided to enroll as well. Our Ceramics Classes have been in a classroom environment as well as Independent Studies.

We are members of AMFA Ceramics Department work study program."

They have work at the Historic Arkansas Museum Gift Shop in Little Rock and The Stone Maiden in NLR, or by contacting them directly. A website will soon be available.


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