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Author-illustrator Anthony Walls to be at Christmas Showcase

Anthony Walls, visual artist, illustrator and author is a Jacksonville, Arkansas native and will be at the 45th Annual Arkansas Craft Guild Christmas Showcase Dec. 1-3, 2023, Arkansas State Fairgrounds. He is known for writing and illustrating his children's book, Toddler Bay Presents Todd's First Day, (Christian Faith Pub, Inc., 2019 - available at Walmart) as well as his illustrations in Hero Kid's In the Making, by Wg Williams, and the soon to be released Crazy Has A Name, by author Sheila Hollaway.

As the fourth oldest to an airman father, Anthony had the opportunity to experience new and exciting places every few years. Blessed with the gift of drawing Anthony would display his works at art shows and different craft festivals. But it wasn’t until he enlisted in the Army that he really started to embrace his gift. As a soldier stationed in Nuremberg Germany in the eighties Anthony was exposed to a myriad of art cultures. During his downtime he would travel the beautiful cities of Europe stopping along the way to study the masters. From the ageless streets of Milan to the decadence of Nice, from legendary Paris to the elegance which is Monaco, Anthony grew his canvas. After serving he decided it was time to commit to his innate passion, thereby perfecting his skill. Anthony’s mediums of choice are oil, acrylic, aerosol, bleach, chalk and ink. His client list consists of Pres. Bill Clinton, Nolan Ryan, Russell Simmons, Kimora Lee, Macy Gray, Cedric the Entertainer, Akon, Calvin Richardson, Mary Steenburgen and Rachel & Rebecca Lamb.

An active philanthropist, Anthony’s charitable donations span various charities with a generous reach of over $10,000 in annual contributions. Anthony is a dedicated volunteer and contributor to many organizations including Community Connections, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Clinton Library, Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Georgia Turtle Research Center, UFC Marine Turtle Research group, Jacksonville Times Union, Hawaii Pacific University, Baylor Cancer Research Center and the Southeastern Cancer Institute.


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