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In late 2017 I chose my business name Silver Phoenix Designs because the Phoenix is legendary as a magical bird constantly being reborn through fire - emerging from the ashes, radiant and shimmering, to start a beautiful new life. The Phoenix represents the idea that the end is only the beginning: a cycle of beauty; a reinvention of ourselves. Much of the metal used in my jewelry is recycled and all metal scraps are used to create flourishes for other projects. This way very little goes to waste. I thought to myself, what better way to represent the ART of metalsmithing? Bringing ordinary objects back to life by using fire to recreate and intensify nature’s beauty! I enjoy mixing all types of metals to create a wearable artform. I would describe my style as Midwest Boho Chic, since I combine varied styles from art-deco to a traditional western flair.
I love unique stones and the combination of unique colors and designs, and prefer to let the cabochon tell me what it wants its "home" to be. My goal has always been to create unique, one-of-a kind pieces that utilize those distinctive stones I grew up loving. I like to allow these stones to speak to me, guiding me to fabricate the metal around them in order to create the piece of art that speaks to you. To me, it’s not just about creating a pretty piece of jewelry. It’s about the process of the piece ‘becoming’ more than what materials are used. That’s why it is a wearable artform.

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