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Kopack, Cindy


Whippoorwill Mountain Jewelry

Stone County


Kopack, Cindy

Cindy Kopack, Whippoorwill Mountain Jewelry, learned silversmithing, enameling, and metal clay molding by taking classes both at the Arkansas Craft School, Mountain View, and the Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock. She uses silver, bronze, brass, and copper, with the hammered surface her early favorite. She adds enamels to copper shapes for earrings, bracelets and necklaces with designs that are simple, organic, inspired by Nature, and somewhat geometric. She retired from the US Forest Service in 2015, and began making jewelry in 2018. She has a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology and a Bachelors in Forest Management. Her jewelry has brought out the creative part of her life that she will continue to love and develop.

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