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Harp, Joy


Stone County

Gallery Artisan

Harp, Joy

From painting to composing music on the piano, baking bread, gardening, weaving, designing houses and now the news letter that I write....creating is extremely important to me. The fluid acrylic painting techniques I now use are self taught through a lot of reading, gallery visiting, dreaming and experimenting. I first saw this technique in a gallery in Eureka Springs, so I started experimenting and reading. I learned this technique was first developed purely by accident by David Alfaro Siqueiros, a famous Mexican artist, muralist & political activist. It encompasses thinning acrylic paint to the consistency of a very thin milkshake using a flow medium, glue or water. I use Windsor Newton Flow Medium or Flotral (a product that house painters use to make the paint go on smoother). The process itself is extremely interesting to watch as you put paints together, swipe over them, tilt your canvas, blow on it with a straw.

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