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Stowe, Doug


Douglas Stowe Woodworking

Carroll County

Gallery Artisan

Stowe, Doug

I began my career as a woodworker in 1976, making custom furniture and small boxes. In 1995 began writing how-to articles for a variety of woodworking magazines. In 1997 my first book was published, and I have since published 12 more covering box making and furniture design. I completed three DVDs with Taunton Press that are now featured on my youtube channel. My most recent book is The Wisdom of Our Hands: Crafting, A Life, published in 2022.
In 2001, I began a woodworking program at the Clear Spring School, designed to integrate woodworking activities to stimulate and reinforce academic curriculum, restoring the rationale for the use of crafts in general education and demonstrating its effectiveness.
I was the founding president of the Eureka Springs Guild of Artists and Craftspeople and am one of three founders of the Eureka Springs School of the Arts. I am actively engaged in writing and speaking about the need for hands-on learning in all areas of school curricula, while I continue to produce furniture, small boxes, and write for a variety of woodworking magazines.
I was named an Arkansas Living Treasure in 2009.
I live with my wife Jean and dog Rosie on 11 acres of forest just outside the city limits of Eureka Springs.

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