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Sparling, Gene


Forest Path Gallery

Garland County

Gallery Artisan

Sparling, Gene

Gene Sparling -I am drawn to the warmth and beauty of wood. The patterns, colors and textures are fascinating and comforting to me. Layer upon layer of intricate designs are contained within a piece of wood. With every cut and shaving from every angle and contour, another view is revealed. Created from earth and gas and light by a living process, wood is infused with the patterns of nature. I enjoy making the designs of the wood open and accessible through the shapes I create. I want much of my work to draw the viewer in and create the desire to touch and stroke the wood and be soothed; to seek to connect with the whole of life through the grain and shape and feel of the wood. Much of my work draws upon the simple forms found in nature. It is fascinating how simple shapes resonate within us and create feelings and moods. The power of a simple vase or bowl to comfort or invigorate intrigues me. I enjoy trying to evoke and create these feelings. The process of making is near to mediation. My craft is a means to connect to my intuitive self and to explore that part of myself and others. I make wood bowls, sculpture, furniture and other things which highlight the natural beauty of wood. Each piece is individually crafted, by me, in my shop in the Ouachita Mountains, just south of Hot Springs, Arkansas. My bowls are made to be used, have food safe finish and should provide years or generations of use and enjoyment. I live in a beautiful natural setting; you are invited to visit my gallery and bring a picnic or take a hike in my woods. Open by Appointment Forest Path Gallery, 107 Stillmeadow Lane, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913, Please call 501-617-0594

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