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Skinner, Sue & Jostes, Joe


SJ Pottery

Baxter County

Skinner, Sue & Jostes, Joe

SJ Pottery is Sue Skinner and Joe Jostes. Sue writes, “After a few classes I was hooked on clay. The traditional pots made my heart sing. I love the story telling and their colors as much as the passion for living a tradition. The images on my sgraffito are my friends and family. It allows me to hold them close. A life in clay offers endless possibilities of expression, joy and the pursuit of craftsmanship.” Joe writes, “ I have been a potter for close to 40 years. While I work within several historic traditions I do not feel limited by these. Each offers me a different expression and a different discipline. I enjoy the challenge of merging the old techniques into new forms and voices. They are only a springboard to the multitude of ideas I have.’

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