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“Our tagline is ‘Unique Designs in Wood.’ We strive to create more original designs similar to our folding silhouette Nativity and the Christmas puzzle, 'In His Name.' I have several original Nativity designs and scroll saw items. Everything is handmade personally by me and my wife.”

“In the late eighties I cut, carved and painted intarsia pieces of the Holy Family for everyone in my office. Then for craft shows we used recycled exotic wood veneers to make puzzles and intarsia and later expanded to include earrings and boxes. My wife noticed all the small bits of scrap wood in the shop and suggested that I make earrings.
I began experimenting with designs but also with processes to make them both more efficiently and sturdier, using beautiful wood grains. My goal was to create my own plywood by recycling scraps of veneer, then cut, sand and finish them. The more complicated filigree earrings often require adjustments to make them sturdy enough for production. Prototypes are cut in veneer in order to ascertain whether the design is production-ready and capable of withstanding the sanding process with minimum breakage. Upon completing the wooden construction, a natural Danish Oil finish is applied and allowed to dry. Silver plated surgical steel findings are added along with natural stone beads. The result is a product with highly figured wood grains that make each pair look different. There are over 50 styles made from 15 different woods. Earrings are displayed on cards with the wood species listed on the back of the card. I also make pendants, bracelets, earring trees and crosses using the same processes.” In addition to jewelry, puzzles and intarsia, fine boxes with insets and inlay designs out of exotic wood with unique magnetic lids are popular.

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