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Reed, Suzanne

Glass and Metal


Carroll County

Gallery Artisan

Reed, Suzanne

Suzanne Reed builds upon her experiences of working and living around the globe to inspire glass and metal art pieces representing the diverse colors, textures and patterns from varied cultures. She turns the often chaotic physical environment of far-flung places into geometric representations through her art. Her international background and naturally inquisitive nature provide her the opportunity to create and offer works appealing to different tastes, no matter where the recipients’ imagination takes them.
Her work is best described as “architectural”. This style emerged from her time doing International Development, living and working in numerous developing countries and with artists who thrived even in some of the most challenging situations. The chaotic circumstances forced her to focus on the structure of communities that allowed them to function. My work reflects that scenario through the metal structures and the beautiful glass included within.

Suzanne creates from her Eureka Springs, AR studio. Her art resides in private collections throughout the world. She continues traveling around the United States and the world looking for new ideas and inspiration which she translates into new pieces using innovative techniques and different material combinations.

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