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Parnell, Sonja Crawford


Atelier D'Artiste 117

Garland County

at Showcase

Parnell, Sonja Crawford

My earliest memories include the insatiable need to create. Drawing, cutting, painting,
and gluing were among my favorite childhood pastimes. As I became older drawing and
sketching filled my class notes, as well as my extra time. In college I discovered a true
passion for painting as I pursued my BS degree in Art Education from Henderson State
University. And it became something I had to master. I’ve worked in a number of media over
the years, but my latest love is watercolor. And I simply can’t get enough of the beautiful,
wild nature of this medium.
Most of my current work is based on the natural world and the beauty found within.
Each leaf, flower, and stem, the color of the evening sky, the pattern within the tree trunk all
inspire awe and wonder within my soul. It is that wonder that brings the images to life. I have
reveled in exploring wide ranges of pigments and many brands of paint, discovering the
most suitable for my creations. I believe art is the expression of emotion from within our souls, and I strive in every piece to share the joy of my soul with the viewer.

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