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McQuirk, Ed & Jaynie


The Vintage SilverWear Company

Stone County

Gallery Artisan, Artisans Market

McQuirk, Ed & Jaynie

We began making our unique jewelry from antique and vintage silverware when someone asked if we could make a ring out of her baby spoon. We owned an antique store at the time and had a few sets of silverware, so we started testing it out. I’m good at researching antiques so it made it easy to identify the patterns we found. My husband Ed has made his own tools for bending, cutting, and drilling. I started selling bracelets off my wrist at work. That turned into selling at the Park City Silly Market on Sundays, which led to us traveling all over the country doing art shows. We had a few friends as we started who encouraged us to apply to shows and acted as mentors.
We now have been in business 18 years. My husband and I both are involved in the production of our jewelry. Each of us have input on the creative side, and it is constantly changing. We identify the pattern, the company and the year the design was first introduced. Many of our pieces of silverware are over 100 years old. We have many clients who bring their family silverware to us so that family members can each have a keepsake of Aunt’s, Mom’s, or Grandmother’s silverware as rings, earrings, pendants, and key chains.

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