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Lloyd, Lewis


Lewie’s Blades

Stone County

Gallery Artisan, Volunteer, At Showcase

Lloyd, Lewis

Ever since I was a kid I have always loved knives and after buying a few hand-made knives I decided “Hey, I can do this”. I have been a tradesman all my life so the transition was not hard. Now, I try to make the best hand-made knives of the best steels, woods, leather and other raw material available. These knives are made in my shop by me alone. I try to use only American materials. This is a craft I truly love doing! I enjoy the making of a knife almost as much as the finished product. These knives are intended to be used, not put in a drawer or a case. The Damascus steel I use I make my self from 1095 and 15n20. The blades are hand sanded to at 320 grit to give them a soft luster. The steel is from Crucible, the leather from Wickett and Cregg and the wood from all over the country. I hope this gives you an idea of my process and love for the craft.

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