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Goodwin, Jeff & Judy


Daaman Porcelain Jewelry

Madison County

Gallery Artisan

Goodwin, Jeff & Judy

Daaman Porcelain Jewelry, Jeff & Judy Goodwin. We have always found enjoyment working in clay and most specifically colored porcelains. Starting in 1997 we began to learn and experiment with the Japanese process known as Nerikomi. The process begins in our studio with the mixing of the porcelain using our own recipe. Stain is then added to the porcelain to make several varieties of colored clay. Designs are created by layering the colored porcelain in various ways while actually building the patterns into large blocks or loaves. Each piece of jewelry is sliced from the log and carefully shaped, sanded and wiped clean with a damp cloth. It is then bisque fired, followed by a glaze firing to cone 6. A third and final firing of 24 karat gold luster is applied to the edge of each piece. All the rich depth of colors found in our designs are from the colored porcelains. No paints, colored glazes or underglazes have been added. The final process involves the use of 14-karat gold, semi-precious stones and fresh water pearls. The gold is rolled, flattened and used with the semi-precious stones and pearls to create numerous adornments for our jewelry. Judy and I create our designs using our imagination aided by nature with lots of color for inspiration. A computer is used that employs a drawing program where we can work with our designs before they are created in the studio. It has become a great designing tool that allows us to use our colors in unlimited variations. Contact Jeff and Judy: Daaman Porcelain Jewelry. 5238 Madison 3050, Huntsville, AR 72740, 479-232-5334, info@daamanjewelry.com.

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