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Fleharty, Russell


Crater Ties

Pike County

Gallery Artisan

Fleharty, Russell

Russell Fleharty was born and raised in Oklahoma, has lived in West Texas, New Mexico and in Arkansas. About the age of 5, Russell began to pick up rocks from everywhere, including driveways. He found them to be fascinating and beautiful. Mr. and Mrs. JC Cardin of Cushing, OK introduced him to the art of Lapidary: a way to make these beautiful rocks even more beautiful. Through the art of lapidary, a plain and ordinary look rock may become a work of art! Rocks are like people, sometimes you have to get to know them and look on the inside to find the beauty. It takes time, patience and practice in order to create a one of a kind piece of artwork. The stones that Russell uses come from all over the world. He likes the stones that come from Arkansas. Those that come from the Crater of Diamonds State park are special to him. Mr. Chuck Goodin of Murfreesboro, AR introduced him to the art of wire wrapping. He developed a style and combinations of styles that are unique. On some pendants, you will see a turtle, a symbol of long life to a lot of Native Americans. Wire wrapping about the stone is a way to protect the stone while showing off its beauty. He uses both sterling silver and gold filled wire. Russell has an inquisitive mind, and has been taught to explore his surroundings and the value of work. His parents made sure that he was exposed to the outdoors and various museums. He has traveled extensively. He learned that he could create most anything by thinking it out and using the things at hand to create things of beauty. Russell moved to Arkansas in late summer of 1978, and in the fall of 1986 he moved to Murfreesboro. The results of his work come in the form of the pendants, broaches, rings and earrings. These are the results of God’s handiwork, he is just the framer.

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