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Fitzpatrick, Amy


Care Creations and MetalWorks


At Showcase

Fitzpatrick, Amy

The more I work with metal the more passionate I become. Each piece I feel connected with and some I find it hard to part with. It is really special when that piece finds its person. I spent most of my life being an artist of many forms. In my younger years I worked with fabric art, going to festivals and sharing my art. I apprenticed for a couple years starting in 2020 with Patricia Bergman, Goldenrod Jewelry and Hair Accessories, also of Yellville, learning many skills of metalsmithing, using silver, brass, copper sheet and wire metals in combination. Designs start from drawing and etching on metal, then using hand tools to cut, shape, solder and rivet components together. Polishing and creating a patina, including vertigris coloration creates a non-tarnishing finish. Design ideas are drawn from botanicals, and I favor steampunk styles, striving for an organic flow that sometimes surprises even myself.

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