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Farris, Daniel


Zero Two Infinity Wood

Sevier County

Gallery Artisan

Farris, Daniel

As I was growing up, I remember on weekends and some holidays my father at his lathe making beautiful lamps, and other such objects on his lathe and not being able to help or join him. He would point out that it wasn’t a toy. Over the years I watched him make the most beautiful lamps.

When I was in high school, I finally attended a shop class and one of the assignments was to turn a baseball bat on the lathe. I remember telling my father and he lit up like I had told him I won the lottery. He took me out to his lathe and let me loose on it, and of course gave pointers and suggestions. Needless to say I ended up doing very well on the project and the memories of that have stayed with me to this day.

I never had a chance to do another project with my father, in fact I didn’t start creating again until after he passed away. When my father passed I was left with a shop full of his tools and wood. Keep in mind I hadn’t made anything in decades, so it was a whole relearning process.

I have been making beautiful pieces since 2017 with the thought of my father in mind, so I am here to share these with you and your family and friends. Every piece I make is totally unique and will never be found anywhere else. Also, if you request, you piece can be fully engraved uniquely for you or the occasion of the gift.

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