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Doster, Joe


Doster Wood Works

Madison County

Gallery Artisan

Doster, Joe

For 10 years I taught high school Vocational Furniture Manufacturing along with Drafting, first at Cotter High School and later at Harrison High School. Drafting led to Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Machining. Along the way I achieved a Masters degree in Vocational Education. I recently retired, after 21 years of teaching, from North Arkansas College where I taught Computer Aided Design, Engineering Graphics, and an occasional wood technology class. Through all years I have continued to supply the Guild, and only one or two other shops, with cutting boards. They sell well, and cover the overhead for my shop where I create a limited number of furniture pieces each year.
Joe turned the business over to Nathan, his son, several years ago. In the 80′s and 90′s Joe took his family on the juried show circuit all over the country from Houston to Madison WI, from Denver to North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Through all years Doster Wood Working has continued to supply the Guild with cutting boards, using Native Ozark woods. Joe says he joined the Arkansas Craft Guild because he felt a true kinship with other creative folks and remains a Guild member for the same reason. Nathan passed away in April 2023, may he rest in peace.

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