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Dahlstedt, David & Becki


Mountain View Pottery

Stone County

Gallery Artisan, Volunteers

Dahlstedt, David & Becki

Potters David and Becki Dahlstedt came to Mountain View via separate paths which converged in 1984 at the Ozark Folk Center where David had been the potter for 6 years. Together they continued to demonstrate pottery at the Folk Center for 12 years before establishing a studio adjacent to their home located near the downtown area of Mountain View. This was accomplished with assistance from an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Arkansas Arts Council which David received in 1990. Combining their talents, skills, and interests, the Dahlstedts have established a full time pottery business, producing an extensive line of functional pottery, as well as one-of-a-kind pieces which provide a constant challenge.

Dahlstedt pottery is constantly evolving. Their current work involves a wax resist design brushed over a neutral glaze which makes a visible pattern when a contrasting glaze is applied. This technique is used in the photos included here. Other techniques of glazing and firing are also used by David and Becki as they produce a variety of colors and designs. Becki has been using underglazes on slab built pots for the past year to create vivid lively designs from silk screens, carving, and other techniques. (A few mugs showing this technique are included here as well.) David is the potter-in-residence at the Arkansas Craft School and teaches classes at the school’s pottery studio located in downtown Mountain View next to the Arkansas Craft Gallery, where the Dahlstedts sell their pottery.

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