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Croxford, Janine

Surface Enrichment

Art More or Less

Newton County

At Showcase

Croxford, Janine

Janine Croxford received her art degree from Univ. of Wisconsin. Being lucky to live in Newton County in the middle of the National Forest I want to share what I see around me every day, trees, birds, bugs, all things nature. As an artist I want to create pieces of affordable, wearable art that make people feel good getting dressed in the morning. I used to do Ukrainian eggs, which is a batik process. That led me to doing batik clothing. Then I discovered solar dyes. I could get cool colors and a picture like in batik, but much more safely. Once I started cutting patterns there was no stopping me. So, I started doing reduction dyeing. For reduction dyeing I reduce the amount of dye around the pattern that I created. Each finished piece has my signature dyed into it to show people they are getting a one-of-a-kind piece of art. People would see the bright, colorful solar dyeing and dismiss it as “tie dye” - so I started playing with an ice-dyeing process. Ice dying is basically a watercolor form of dyeing that uses ice to transmit dyes through the fabric as it melts. It gives a very fluid and elegant look. Trial and error continues with each technique and I have great fun getting ideas from people for patterns and creating new designs.

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