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Butkowski, Daniel


Jars of Clay

Faulkner County

Gallery Artisan

Butkowski, Daniel

Beginning in high school, Dan Butkowski was drawn to clay, and he still follows that attraction. “As I open each piece of clay it is as if it is taking its first breath. Each pot that I throw takes on a bit of my personality.” From functional plates, cookware, teapots and mugs to more decorative items, Dan shapes new pieces and explores glazes that bring life to each design. Using a high-fire, iron-based stoneware clay, his work is both beautiful and lasting. He continuously compiles lists of new ideas as well as designs that get rave reviews. He works in multiples, creating and assembling several pieces of the same kind and moving them through the greenware to bisque to kiln-firing process (at 2400° F) process at the same time.

“In a world that can be so impersonal it is meaningful to know that the pieces of mine that people are using have been shaped by human hands for the sole purpose of their enjoyment. For me, creating and using ceramics touches our humanity as we are but precious, one-of-a-kind, jars of clay. “

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