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Glass Artists Sage and River in the Gallery

Sage Holland and River Lovenstein will be the special featured glass artists at the Arkansas Craft Guild's Gallery, 104 E. Main, Mountain View, Saturday July 15th, 2023 from 10-5.

They will be showing some of their new glass flame-worked pieces and describe some of the ways in which the patterns and designs are created using lessons learned in the Master and Apprentice program. They received a renewed grant from the University of Arkansas Library’s Folk and Traditional Arts of 2022-23. The program facilitated Sage and River to meet and work together from December through May. Extensive techniques taught include the making of glass Murinis, also known as pattern cane or pictorial cane. The process includes melting the glass colors to create a multi-layered picture or geometric design within the cross section of the length of the mass. It is stretched while molten to make it much smaller in diameter to cut into chips and then to remelt onto another surface. This way of working glass is almost as old as the discovery of glass itself in the Middle East and the Fertile Crescent between 1800 to 2000 BC.

Sage is part of the family studio that includes her husband Tom and her son Beau Anderson. They share their knowledge via classes and workshops all over the world -- how to make beads, how they've innovated and changed techniques, as well as the long history of glass bead making. Sage's bead jewelry is now available at the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts Store, Little Rock.

River, her apprentice, began his own studio in 2021. River is grandson of long-time Guild members Jerry and Judy Lovenstein, Grassy Creek Brooms.

River and Sage appeared last May in the Gallery, and we have that blog to read here.

Sage's sales website is called Beauxbead.com, her instagram is @hollandsage - you can read about her and her husband Tom Holland on their artist page here. Facebook for Sage (she posts for the whole family).

Read more about the University of Arkansas Library Folk and Traditional Arts programs. Also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/arfolklife.

Thanks for reading, and you'll love coming to the Arkansas Craft Gallery and see other Guild artists' new works, open Tuesday through Saturday 10-5. Our Volunteer member helping customers on the 15th will be Pam Alexander, Jeweler. Our Volunteer calendar can be viewed live here.


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