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Teresa Schlabach is a fiber/textile artist that has been sewing since she was 10 years old. She first learned to sew garments through a local 4H program and then with the help of her parents, continued to sew clothing throughout her high school years. After receiving her degree in communications from Southern Nazarene University, Teresa learned how to sew traditional quilts on the sewing machine. In 2013, she began exploring the artistic side of textiles and combining her passion for photography with her sewing skills. Teresa’s technique involves thread painting based on her original photos. - Michael Rowland is a fiber artist residing in Van Buren, Arkansas. “My lifelong interest in art, a love of nature, and photography found an unexpected creative outlet in fiberart. My photographs, sketches, and photo-manipulations are the foundations for artistic interpretations of the world around me. Through the layering of fabrics, use of hand dyed fabrics and yarns, vibrant and metallic threads, etc. I am able to create art pieces I hope will create an emotional response from the viewer.” Teresa also is Executive Director of the Alma Performing Arts Center, 479-632-2129. “I love to travel and learn about other countries and cultures. I combine my photography of these experiences with threads and fiber to create thread paintings. These works of art reflect my experiences I see through my lens. I print my photos on fabric and then re-create the photo with thread. "My hope is that people will see the beauty of the world that I have seen through my art."

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