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Snyder, Ann


Stone County

Gallery Artisan

Snyder, Ann

“I paint because I have to. There’s something about creating that brings out the best in me.” From oil, acrylic and watercolor painting to collages, Ann Snyder uses her passion for color to give energy to landscapes, still life and floral works. “Creating something I’ve never seen before gives me a sense of fulfillment…it’s experiencing a God-given expression. The challenge lies in seeing the world with fresh new eyes.” Ann has become intrigued with the art of collage and each day discovers new techniques to create moods and drama that draws the viewer into the paintings. “In collage art, I work with unusual materials, mediums and semi-abstract shapes. The combination pushes me to look at the world in new ways.” Painting started as a pastime and is now a driving force for Ann. In addition to a focus on her own work and involvement in several key art organizations, she finds time to work with others, helping them explore and discover their own talent for painting.

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