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Sew Ingenious Designs

Fiber Art

Barry, Jeannette & Wirries, Tom

Pulaski County

Gallery Artisan, At Showcase

Sew Ingenious Designs

Jeannette Barry and Tom Wirries, Sew Ingenious Designs. We are a couple of fabric lovers who designed our first purses eight years ago. Over the past few years we have honed in on what our customers like and tried our best to make what they ask for. Special occasion or everyday use, these are made one at a time and can take up to 5 hours from cutting table to finished work. Most of our purses are made from upholstery fabric which is generally water and stain resistant and durable enough for lasting functionality. We recently started making leather purses and will continue to make both and in combination. We show our work at three art / craft festivals annually and usually sell out by years end. We understand that seeing and touching is a large part of our sales success and reserve most of our work for the shows we do. We also do custom work if possible and have had some success at limited wholesale. Contact us with questions on what we do or can make for you.

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