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Powers, WJ ‘Kip’


Artistic Impressions

Benton County

Gallery Artisan

Powers, WJ ‘Kip’

Hardwoods from the Ozarks, particularly burls, crotches, stumps, and spalted wood marked by lines and colors of fungal attack, are some of the woods Kip Powers uses to create a diverse array of fine wood turnings. Mesquite and other non-local tree varieties often find their way to his lathe as well. From tall vases to expanding bowls with part of the bark still intact, he coaxes sweeping forms from what others might consider ‘useless’ parts of a tree. His turnings often are further embellished with carving or the addition of minimal color or texture, or inlays of contrasting materials. The satisfaction of making an attractive object and sharing design ideas are motivations for Kip’s work, as is the fun of rescuing a good piece of wood from the fireplace or city dump. He designs on the lathe letting the characteristics of the wood shape the final product rather than adhering to a pre-conceived design. A retired chemist, Kip makes his home in Rogers. Contact Kip:, 14548 Zimmerman Lane. Rogers, Arkansas 72756, (479) 925-3145, kip055@aol.com.

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