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Pirani, Nancy Muffett


Ponderosa Bliss

Cleburne County

Gallery Artisan, At Showcase

Pirani, Nancy Muffett

After retiring in 2017 from being in the corporate world for 36 years, my family and I moved to beautiful Heber Springs, AR, and I decided to start my own home-based natural soy wax candle company – Ponderosa Bliss LLC. Owning and operating my own business is the most satisfying and fulfilling job that I’ve ever done and seeing the delight on my client’s faces when they smell my soy wax candles is truly amazing! For me, making scented soy wax candles and melts is not only therapeutic, it’s a labor of love! About 20 years ago I learned on my own how to make soy wax products and fell in love with the process. After a bit of trial and error (since soy wax is so natural), I learned how to make the perfect soy wax candle. The natural soy wax I use is made from American grown soybeans and is environmentally safe. Making sure that the heated soy wax temperature is exactly right for mixing is a challenge and I thrive on it – each fragrance has a different “flash point” and the temperature for mixing and pouring has to be perfect. Every candle and soy wax melt that I make is carefully hand poured in my home workshop and all of my soy wax products need to cure for at least two weeks to allow for the maximum scent throw before being lit. Along with using classic 8 oz mason jars for candles, I also frequent flea markets, consignment stores, and estate sales for fine crystal and unique glassware. Many of my candles are one of a kind and are all unique and elegant. Because soy wax burns cooler (at 102 degrees which is slightly higher than normal body temperature), the melted soy wax will not hurt the fragile containers they’re in and the candles last 30-50% longer than paraffin candles. The glassware and crystal can be washed out and reused once the candle wax has been used up. I chose soy wax because the benefits of melted soy wax are so numerous: Soy wax contains no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means it’s less likely to trigger allergies. It’s a natural moisturizer and the melted soy wax can be used as a body butter in place of lotion, cuticle oil for hands and feet, it softens dry spots like elbows and knees, and can be used as a beard/mustache balm and conditioner for split ends.

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