Kurtt, Jacqueline

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Benton County

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Kurtt, Jacqueline

Transient magic happens when we least expect it. The mysterious surprises and tiny moments of joy in life are what inspire me to use many Enduring Interlacements of colors, patterns, fibers, threads and beads. I do not try to recreate the actual phenomena, but rather the pleasure of the moment. A delicate rainbow, a dancing moonbeam, a ripple in the water are intriguing, but cannot be frozen in time. A camera tries, but it just isn't the same. It needs the mystery of light, color, texture and dimension all 'woven' together. I use my Enduring Interlacements to enable the transient magic to linger. I am a fiber artist working with surface design, manipulation and embelishments. The majority of my work is for wall display but sometimes I create wearable art or home fashions.