Kelly, John



Pulaski County

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Kelly, John

I have been progressively learning my craft for more than 50 years, but have spent the last twenty years acquiring good tools and learning various techniques on my own and through practice. My first experience with shop tools was from my teenage years in local youth programs. In that class, I learned the basics of table saws, drill presses, sanders, and band saws. With that knowledge, I built a simple bookshelf. As time passed, I built a drawing desk, a coffee table, several shelves, and a patio table. I also attended a one-day class at a Woodcraft Store to learn about small woodturnings and using a lathe. With that knowledge and constant reading, I made many pens, stoppers, and a few small bowls. After acquiring a thickness planer, I started experimenting with cutting boards. Most recently, I have started to apply all of the techniques to build small boxes, side tables, and entertainment units.