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Jaeger, Eric & Mary


Wisakon Woods

Searcy County

At Showcase

Jaeger, Eric & Mary

Eric and Mary Jaeger use sustainable wood species to create beautiful, functional, and unique pieces of art. Jaegers Fine Woodworking, LLC, was formed in 2016 and named after the original family cabinetry business, started by his father Jack. They returned to Leslie after retirement from 30 years of military service. They created Wisakon Woods after purchasing "Inee's Boards", and continued making cutting boards, cheese boards, military displays, personalized items, and custom furnishings. Mary learned her woodworking skills with Inee and Diane, two great trainers from the business they purchased. The Jaegers brand new store at 207 Oak Street in Leslie, Jaegers Fine Woodworking, LLC, is open Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. Eric learned woodworking at a very young age from his late father, Herwig “Jack” Jaeger, who at 18 came to the US from Germany where he was a trained cabinet maker. After settling in Arkansas, Jack opened Jaeger’s Fine Woodworking, handcrafting custom cabinets and furniture. Eric started sweeping, sanding, straightening nails and maintaining the tools. Eventually he was entrusted to build drawers and learn his father’s craft. After Eric graduated high school and joined the Army, he never stopped creating unique gifts with his woodworking talents. Eric officially retired from the Army November 2020. He served since 1990 and is a veteran of the Iraq War with multiple deployments.
Mary retired from the Army December 2012 after serving 23 years in the regular Army, Army Reserve and the Army National Guard. She is a veteran of the Gulf War and was mobilized as a reservist to Washington D.C. in support of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. After retirement she pursued and received her Masters Degree in Human Resource Training and Development. Mary worked as a contractor with Survivor Outreach Services, helping military members and their families from all branches of service.

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