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Tom & Sage Holland

Tom & Sage Holland

Tom and Sage:

In Washington, D.C. in 1990 Sage met Tom and he told her about Arkansas. They joined studios in Stone County in 1993. Now they teach and lecture together on the mysteries of ancient glass through the art of glass beadmaking. Being surrounded by nature inspires them to look closely for the harmony in the designs in plants and animals and in the transformation of the seasons and the clean air and water that gives life force to all beings. 

Sage’s Story:

Sage was born in Independence, Missouri on Independence day in 1959. She was raised in Southern California then moved to Bellingham, Washington. Sage was putting her soul into different art forms such as watercolors, pen and ink drawings, woodworking when she was exposed to the hot glass medium in a friend’s glass blowing studio. There she learned the essentials of the ancient glass beadmaking world. She opened her own studio in 1988, travelling to conferences and exhibits.

Tom’s story:

Tom Holland was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1954. He developed a deep fascination with all things Native American through his experiences in Boy Scouts in his childhood. He studied thier costumes, ceremonies, dances and beads. The trade of beads around the world sparked Tom’s curiosities with other cultures through history.

After Tom’s college years, he became a potter, stone mason, and blacksmith. Then in 1989 he began glass beadmaking. Being concerned with the overconsumerism of the American throwaway culture, Tom delights in making objects that use minimal materials and are designed to last thousands of years. Tom has lived in Stone County Arkansas since 1980 and plans to stay “till the coyotes drag his bones to their den”.