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Terri Parson

Terri Parson

What starts out as a raw lump of polymer clay, in the hands of Terri Parson becomes wearable sculpture that looks deceptively like glass, stone, wood, metal, and bone. She mixes clay like paint, with color suspended in the clay – not painted on, and uses intricate textures and visual effects. She borrows techniques from the ancient metalsmithing art called Mukume Kane, which creates a wood grain metal look, and adds metal inclusions or uses metallic clays to create dramatic depth.

Individual components are meticulously hand-sanded and buffed then are combined using wire, cording, leather or fibers to maintain a very organic feel. Findings and closures are hand-forged from wire or sculpted to complement the piece.

“I love translating the organic shapes, forms and textures into abstract designs. As wearable sculpture, my goal is to craft one-of-a-kind pieces that challenge the boundaries of traditional adornment. My greatest joy is when a collector tells me they sense a particular emotion I experienced while creating the piece. I’m thrilled when they say that wearing the piece helps them express their own uniqueness in the world!”