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Aaron Gschwandegger

The ever changing and never ending inspirations found in nature is where Aaron draws much of his inspiration.

Gene Sparling

I make wood bowls, sculpture, furniture and other things which highlight the natural beauty of wood. Each piece is individually crafted, by me, in my shop in the Ouachita Mountains, just south of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Jo and Marvin Smith

We live, work, garden and walk our two dogs on 40 beautiful acres in the Arkansas Ozarks, a wonderful place for inspiration. We began exhibiting at juried art shows in 1987, and have been members of the Arkansas Craft Guild since 1988.

Nathan Doster

I started woodworking sitting on my rear. As a kid my Dad would often say “I need your help.” “Sit on this board while I cut it.” I learned so much from my father, just by being around him while he accomplished whatever needed to be done, using his hands and mind. I think of him all the time as I work. Little things “pop” out at me showing he is still a part of me and all of my woodworking.

Paul Gillam

From Blue Mountain Woodworks at Timbo, Paul Gillam works with his father to make custom furniture, cabinets, cutting boards, serving pieces, other products using native hardwoods, including walnut, cherry, red and white oak, hickory, ash, maple, and aromatic cedar.

Thomas Dunn

I devote a lot of my time to my wood turnings, and every time I think I am at the top of my skills, I add something new… Something more challenging.

W. J. “Kip” Powers

From tall vases to expanding bowls with part of the bark still intact, he coaxes sweeping forms from what others might consider ‘useless’ parts of a tree. His turnings often are further embellished with carving or the addition of minimal color or texture, or inlays of contrasting materials.