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John Kelly

I have been progressively learning my craft for more than 50 years, but have spent the last twenty years acquiring good tools and learning various techniques on my own and through practice. My first experience with shop tools was from my teenage years in local youth programs. In that class, I learned the basics of
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Lisa & Jim Krause

Gourd Art

Liz Lloyd

I was raised in the country and have always had a love of nature. Most of my life I have been too busy with work and raising a family to pursue this love. Now, I have the freedom to do as I please. I go to my shop and form God’s handy work into the
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Rusty Wright

Rusty not only creates beautiful images with his wildlife photography, but also creates the beautiful handcrafted frames that each of the pictures are in.  Each frame is hand rubbed, using various oils, stains, and waxes. He strives for precision with joinery and the beauty of the natural grain of the wood Рusing walnut, cherry,
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