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Aaron Gschwandegger

The ever changing and never ending inspirations found in nature is where Aaron draws much of his inspiration.

Ed Alexander

I, like so many, can easily get caught up in the grandeur of nature: vast sunsets or sweeping views. Often, however, the real beauty is in the smallest detail: a single leaf, water drops on petals. If I can take a picture that captures the joy that nature gives me, and with that image, express it to another, then I have accomplished my goal.

Maggie Lusk

Howard Harper and his wife Maggie Lusk have spent countless days and many miles traveling Arkansas recording the state’s natural beauty and wildlife, and discovering its history. They produce images as photographs, note cards, and bookmarks.

Nancy Blades

Nancy’s images are photographs, not paintings.

Paul Caldwell

He is inspired by his love of the outdoors and seasonal changes in the wild areas in Arkansas known for their natural beauty.

Rusty Wright

Rusty not only creates beautiful images with his wildlife photography, but also creates the beautiful handcrafted frames that each of the pictures are in.  Each frame is hand rubbed, using various oils, stains, and waxes. He strives for precision with joinery and the beauty of the natural grain of the wood – using walnut, cherry,
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