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Ann Snyder

“I paint because I have to. There’s something about creating that brings out the best in me.”

From oil, acrylic and watercolor painting to collages, Ann Snyder uses her passion for color to give energy to landscapes, still life and floral works. “Creating something I’ve never seen before gives me a sense of fulfillment…it’s experiencing a God-given expression. The challenge lies in seeing the world with fresh new eyes.”

Beverly Wilhite

I’m currently working in acrylics, but use any medium to make my work more interesting. I particularly love to paint large colorful flowers and stylish ladies from the 20s and 30s.

Harry Branton

Harry “Bub” Branton and his wife Darla moved to Mountain View in 2019 after retiring from 42 years of family Farming in the Mississippi Delta. Having studied Fine art at LSU as a Painting Major

Jim Tindall

A passion for painting and a love for the Arkansas landscape Jim is comfortable painting in most any media in a wide range of subject matter. Living by his faith in Jesus Christ, Jim finds peace and joy in the living of this life. He credits his Creator with all that is wonderful and beautiful in the universe and gives Him the glory in all things. Beauty is truly subjective to each person. Jim is struck by the abundance of the natural beauty one can find once they are willing to open their minds eye and look. He feels there is no greater part of the world to find it than right here in the “natural” state. “I love this state, its people and its wealth of visual pleasures.

Loretta Babak

Art doesn’t have boundaries for Loretta. Her art ranges from wildlife, scenery, seascapes, western, to portraits. Paintings also range from oil, acrylic, to watercolor.