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Jeff & Judy Goodwin

Judy and I create our designs using our imagination aided by nature with lots of color for inspiration. A computer is used that employs a drawing program where we can work with our designs before they are created in the studio. It has become a great designing tool that allows us to use our colors in unlimited variations.

Kate Baer

Among her designs you will find impressions of fossils, which are used as a reminder of our physical impermanence and to live a life of meaning and spirit.

Leigh Abernathy

I love the feel of the metal as I work with it, transforming it into art you can wear and use. I start with an idea, then take sterling silver or solid copper wire and sheet and hand cut, form, shape, forge, fuse and polish or patina each piece as its design directs.

My inspiration comes from the world around me—walks in the woods, sitting by the water and even my sons’ bubbles have driven my designs. They all fuel my creativity, helping me to translate those ideas to metal. My designs are unique.

Patricia Bergman

My mission is to create hair accessories and complimentary jewelry which is both functional, fashionable and unique.

RC & Jane Schroeder

Since 1993 Jane and RC have worked together to create works in metal – large and small – and scented candles.