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Shawn Hoefer

Shawn Hoefer

Since he was old enough to clutch a crayon, he’s been creating.

“I was lucky,” admits Shawn Hoefer, “I had very supportive parents – and neighbors who bought my masterpieces taped to the picket fence in front of our home for a quarter – who encouraged me every step of the way.”

Before he settled into the niche he now occupies on the Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour and at the Ozark Folk Center, he explored a range of other arts and crafts. “I learned calligraphy and taught it at a community college for a couple years, and watercolor techniques, and soft pastels. Jeanette and I used to make soaps and lotions, too.”

None of these skills seemed to work in the corporate sector, though. “I’d always rejected the idea of the starving artist and so I looked for ways to make creating earn a living wage,” explains Shawn. “After much moving around from one job to another – food service from burger flipper to chef, computer science and tech support and repair – I decided on graphic design. It was a natural move.”

Today, he focuses on brooms, calligraphy, and dabbles with websites here and there. You can find his brooms at the Ozark Folk Center and online.

And his luck hasn’t changed. “Now I have a very supportive partner and an incredible community of artisans… and I no longer need to tape stuff to the fence to sell it.”

And his websites? You’re looking at one of them right now…

Visit Shawn’s website, or send him an email.