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Jacquelyn Kaucher

Jacquelyn Kaucher

Jacquelyn Kaucher translates the images she’s collected in her mind on to paper or large canvas by pouring, squirting, dribbling, rocking and spraying paint onto the surface. She begins with impromptu ‘underpaintings’ and works to music. “If I particularly like a watercolor painting, I move to a canvas. I use a garden sprayer and transparent acrylics to create these paintings which have a watercolor feel. Just as we are not perfect, neither are my paintings, and I continually want to do another which I am sure will be perfect.

Jacquelyn is a long-time teacher of watercolor and experimental watercolor painting at the Arkansas Arts Center at Little Rock. “I make art to bring happiness to others. I love how art enables you to share your own thoughts and perspectives of the world. Teaching also allows me to share my knowledge with students and watch them build on it. It is so rewarding to see what they make and the joy it brings into their lives.”

“I started painting when I was 7 when I went to stay with a cousin while my mother was in the hospital. My cousin was an art major and she and I painted the time away.”