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Denise Lanuti – Lanuti’s Glass

Denise Lanuti – Lanuti’s Glass

l have been a productive, professional artist since 1990. I began my professional career selling woven seed bead work and soon after started experimenting with glass beadmaking. I still make glass beads and have grown into a glass artist that embraces many techniques. I am currently spending most of my creative energy on glass fusing. l am producing glass jewelry, dishes as well as light fixtures. l have also been incorporating copper electroforming with some of my fused glass pendants.

This is an interesting technique using a rectifier, copper anodes and acid. The prepared glass is submerged in acid and electrically charged so copper leaves the anodes and attaches to the glass piece creating a thick coating of copper exactly where you want it to be.

In 2001, I studied Roman/Byzantine methods of mosaic work and also continue to produce work with those techniques as well.