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Aaron Gschwandegger

The ever changing and never ending inspirations found in nature is where Aaron draws much of his inspiration.

Daniel Adams

“I am interested in how we as people shape our environment and what that says about us as individuals and, on a larger scale, as human beings.”

David & Becki Dahlstedt

They now market their work under the name Mountain View Pottery at galleries and shops in Mountain View, Eureka Springs, and Little Rock. They make the Clinton Presidential Logo mugs which are sold exclusively at the Clinton Museum Store. David has received numerous awards for his pottery, has taught workshops at the Arkansas Arts Center, and has work in the permanent collection of the Decorative Arts Museum in Little Rock.

Leigh Abernathy

I love the feel of the metal as I work with it, transforming it into art you can wear and use. I start with an idea, then take sterling silver or solid copper wire and sheet and hand cut, form, shape, forge, fuse and polish or patina each piece as its design directs.

My inspiration comes from the world around me—walks in the woods, sitting by the water and even my sons’ bubbles have driven my designs. They all fuel my creativity, helping me to translate those ideas to metal. My designs are unique.

Mary Laurie

“Unlike many artists who can labor over a piece to achieve absolute perfection, I have to move quickly. That often leads to unexpected surprises and pieces that morph from the initial design idea to a completely different final product.”